Reveal your Boho Chic spirit

Our shop offers a Bohemian , particular and exotic style expressed through three product lines united by a single common thread; clothing, jewelry and home décor. Discover our collections and immerse yourself in a unique and fascinating atmosphere!

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The passion for very distant cultures and the comparison of different lifestyles are the mood you breathe when entering Kay a. Come and visit us to see our products first-hand and discover the decorative elements, fabrics, furniture and more. You will immediately realize that you are entering a universe organized and designed to give you an experience different from any other store.

  • Bottle holder

    Southeast Asia boasts a magnificent tree that has captured the attention of many with its beauty and versatility: the rain tree. This wood is commonly referred to as Suar Wood and has become a popular material for making furniture, decorative carvings and sculptures.

  • Vases

    Handmade in terracotta by skilled artisans who with their passion and creativity know how to give timeless beauty to every piece they create, our collection of vases is a blend of traditional techniques and modern design. An art created from earth, water, fire and soul.

  • Fashion

    Our looks are aimed at feminine and contemporary women, who pay attention to trends and the quality of the garments they wear, who love to dress in a sober and elegant way and who pay attention to every detail.